Last year Valve whisked us away for a sneak peek at the VR tech they were developing with HTC. We were blown away by their innovation and vision and had an open invite to create something for the announcement of the Vive at GDC.

Despite trying to final two games we had a cool idea which we thought people would like to experience; so we went about making it.

The end result transports you to The Room: Archive. A secret vault showcasing some of the mysterious artefacts and atmospheric locations from the award winning The Room series. You are free to walk around its arcane exhibits; approach one and the walls of the museum fade away to become the setting of that exhibit, a breath-taking experience only possible in room-scale VR.

For those lucky enough to have a go on the Vive at GDC or Rezzed we hope you enjoy Fireproof’s contribution.

Click here to view some screenshots of The Room: Archive