In January 2012 Fireproof Studios founded Fireproof Games, a small internal sub-team dedicated to making a game on iPad.

Our debut game The Room was released in September 2012 to much critical and commercial acclaim, and was featured globally on the App Store reaching #1 in the paid App chart in the UK, US and 64 other countries.

The Room Pocket released on iPhone in December 2012 and reached the top ten in 23 countries followed by a release on Android devices in June 2013, reaching #1 in 137 countries on the Amazon Kindle and breaking into the top ten in over 40 countries on Google Play.

As of June 2013 The Room has sold over 2 million copies and has won many awards, including the BAFTA for British Game, Apple's iPad Game Of The Year 2012, the GDC Award for Best Mobile/Handheld Game 2012, the TIGA Award for Best Game Design 2012, the New York Videogame Critics Circle's Best Mobile/Handheld Game, the Pocket Gamer Gold Award and IMGA Awards for both Excellence in Visuals and People's Choice.

Fireproof Studios are a Guildford UK based videogame Art studio formed in 2008 by six ex-lead artists from Criterion Games' Burnout franchise. 

Over the past five years Fireproof Studios have worked on many high profile franchises including Killzone, Little Big Planet, Forza, Ridge Racer among others. In 2012 Fireproof Studios won the TIGA award for Best Service Provider in the UK.

For more information check out the website here fireproofstudios.com




Lead Artist & Co-Founder

Chris’s career in the Adult Entertainment industry didn’t make it past first base, mainly due to the fact that he couldn’t actually get past first base. After the release of “Flop”, his first straight-to-DVD movie, he was lucky enough to study for a degree in Computer Animation at Teesside University, from which he received an enormous student loan bill and a very healthy addiction to chicken parmo’s.

In 2005 he duly accepted a role at Criterion Games, and while never quite making it into the ranks of one of the hundred or so producers at the studio, he did work as an Artist/Gameplay Designer and Track Designer on games such as Burnout Revenge, Burnout Dominator and Burnout Paradise.

However in 2008 after a deep depression (due in most part to the breakup of Liberty X), he left Criterion with 5 friends to form Fireproof Studios. 


Lead Artist & Co-Founder

Tony began his career in art so far back now that he can’t really remember how it all started, although not as long ago as Barry. During the course of his career he has worked for a  few different game companies, some that he would prefer not to mention, working on titles that he’d also prefer not to mention.  He then got a job at Criterion creating artwork on projects that he would like to mention, projects such as a couple of titles in the Burnout series and Black.

Since founding the company with the other ex-Criterion guys he has worked on almost a million (estimated figure) more awesome games.


Technical Director

Rob started out working for Codemasters in 2001, working on the Race Driver series of games. In 2005 he moved to Criterion where he specialised in destruction, working on the physics for Black and car deformation on Burnout. He joined Fireproof Games in late 2011, releasing The Room less than a year later.


Senior Software Engineer

Graduating from Warwick University in 2004, Simon began his games career at EA, working on the Harry Potter game series. After 4 years of programming character into Harry Potter, he'd had enough of wizardry and moved to Supermassive Games, where he worked on Start the Party 1 & 2 as well as the forthcoming BBC title Walking with Dinosaurs. In 2013, with the attraction of working within a small company and a change from PS3 development, Simon made his move to Fireproof.



Bio coming soon.


Senior Artist

Derek entered the games industry in 1998 joining Bits studio and worked on Constantine and Die Hard Vendetta. He then became part of the environment team at Criterion Games in 2005 creating artwork for Burnout Revenge, Burnout Paradise and Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince for EA Bright Light.

In 2009 Derek joined Slightly Mad Studios where he worked on Need For Speed Shift and Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed. He then joined Fireproof studios in 2011 and made the magic happen.


Design Director & Co-Founder

Mark studied Architecture and Engineering at Strathclyde University where he realised that 3D modelling was far more interesting than Building Regulations and BREDEM calculations. He applied for a job at Criterion Games and when they offered him a no guarantee 6 week placement he quit his job and left sunny Scotland behind.

While at Criterion Mark worked on the highly successful Burnout franchise moving up through the ranks from junior artist on Burnout 3 to senior artist on Burnout Paradise. In 2008 Mark and 5 other senior environment artists left Criterion to form Fireproof Studios.


Software Engineer

Tom graduated from The University of Hull in 2011 and began his career working at Criterion Games on Need For Speed: Most Wanted. He then spent a year in Sweden working with Ghost Games on Need For Speed: Rivals. After returning to Criterion for a little under a year, Tom decided it was time to leave EA and join the awesome team at Fireproof.



Abandoned by his parents as a baby and raised by the Design Wolves of 16-bit Forest, Jeremy spent his youth entering cheat codes and hunting for wild cartridges. Over many years, the Design Wolves taught him their mythical design secrets until he was ready to leave the pack and be with his own kind again. Integrating himself back into human society wasn't easy, so he decided to join the games industry, soon finding himself in his first design position at Supermassive Games. Here he learnt to communicate in ways that did not involve biting, mastered the intricacies of how to use a ‘toilet,’ and even found time to work on some games, like Tumble (the finest motion controlled, block-stacking physics puzzle game on PS3) and Start the Party: Save the World (the finest Start the Party game since Start the Party).

He joined Fireproof in 2013 because they said he could and that was just fine by him.

His free time is spent playing games, arguing, playing games which involve arguing and partially fabricating online bios.


Commercial Director & Co-Founder

Barry’s career started in Dublin, Ireland in 1992 working on health related 'edutainment' titles for SNES, AMIGA and PC. In early 1994 he moved to the UK to join Bullfrog Productions Ltd. where he spent his time as a lead designer and artist/animator on titles such as Magic Carpet 1 & 2, Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper and many others.

Over the next ten years Barry worked for various studios as a game designer (Acclaim Teesside, Negative Productions, Mucky Foot) before being hired as a character artist by Criterion Studios in 2004 working on BLACK and subsequently Burnouts 3, 4 and Paradise. In 2008 Barry and five friends left Criterion to form Fireproof Studios.


Senior Artist

Lyndon studied Games Design at Teesside University in 2000. His first job in games was at Reflections in Newcastle in 2003 working on the FMV sequences and animation for Driv3r as part of his four year course.

After finishing university Lyndon began working at Criterion Games in 2004 as a Previs Artist/Animator, producing animated sequences, gameplay design & trailer work on Burnout Revenge, Burnout Paradise, Black, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit as well as several other projects in the preproduction/prototype stages. In 2010 Lyndon left Criterion to join Fireproof Studios.


Lead Artist & Co-Founder

Dave started his video game career in Sep’ 2003 when he moved to Guildford after he was hired as a graduate artist at Criterion Games. He cut his teeth on Burnout 3: Takedown, and went on to make Burnout Revenge & Burnout Paradise as a Senior Environment Artist. He was also a level lead on Criterion’s first FPS, BLACK. Dave left Criterion Games in 2008 to form Fireproof Studios with 5 other mates.


Lead Artist & Co-Founder

After the success of Pong, Damien took a sabbatical from video games for over 20 years. During this time he squandered his royalties on fast cars and faster women. Declared bankrupt in 2002 Damien was forced back into the industry where he worked on a game that was generations ahead of its time in terms of both visuals and gameplay: Sniper Elite.

Eventually Damien found himself working on the critically acclaimed Burnout and Black games and it was in 2006 when working on Burnout Paradise where he and Mark Hamilton pioneered 'Plinth Technology': a ground breaking design for creating worlds that has been utilised by all open world sandbox games since. Now a multi-millionaire once again, Damien and 5 friends decided to set up Fireproof in 2008 to make games of their own.


Graphic Designer

Roger’s first videogame was a Nintendo Game & Watch, followed by the heady heights of a BBC Home Computer, through the wondrous 16bit days of the SNES/Sega Megadrive before he realised this was getting to be a bit of an obsession during the N64/PS1 era and dreamt of one day actually making the games themselves.

After graduating from Leeds University armed with a Graphic Design degree, Roger toiled away in London for 6 years as a Graphic/Motion Designer at a variety of media companies before finding his way into the UK Games Industry in 2004. Joining Criterion Games as a Pre Vis and UI Artist, he created UI concepts and motion graphics for Burnout Revenge, Burnout Revenge HD, Black and Burnout Paradise.

In 2008 Roger joined the Codemasters Guildford Studio as UI Lead working primarily on Bodycount and contributed to DiRT 2 and Operation Flashpoint. In 2010, searching for a fresh challenge and the opportunity to be part of a small team of ex-Criterion friends, he joined Fireproof Studios as the one man Graphic Design Department.


Senior Software Engineer

In 2006 Dave was forced into making video games to pay off his online poker debts. 

He first started at Criterion coding physics on Burnout Paradise, and developing car crashing tech with Rob. Since then he shipped Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and was physics lead on Need for Speed: Most Wanted. After 7 years of coding physics and car handling he was thoroughly bored of driving games, and jumped at the chance to reunite with the team at Fireproof.



Neil graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in 2009 after studying a  degree in Illustration and Animation. He joined Fireproof Studios in 2011 as a junior artist and has worked on many great titles since.

He aspires to one day have a bio a lot longer than this one.


Technical Designer

Tom grew up with a SNES controller clutched in hand, and ambitions of becoming an animator. He graduated from Bournemouth University in 2008 with a degree in computer animation. His career was immediately postponed by the release of LittleBigPlanet, which kept him in happy unemployment for several months. Reality eventually reasserted itself - prompting him to find a job at animation studio Blue Zoo.

His fascination with games refused to wane, so in 2010 he moved to Supermassive Games. There he learned how the sausage gets made. (The sausage, in this case, being PS3 titles Start the Party and Walking With Dinosaurs, among others.) After two years of animation work, he donned a design hat to build LittleBigPlanet Vita DLC.

Tom joined Fireproof in 2014, and is still finding out what a Technical Designer does.