As you (hopefully) know by now, we’ll be releasing The Room Three on Android on the 11th of January.

To help that go as smoothly as possible, we’re doing a Beta program before then, which will allow a limited number of people to register to buy and test the game early, and let us know if there are any problems. The game has been tested pretty thoroughly by our internal testing team, but with the huge range of devices for Android there’s bound to be a few niggles on certain handsets.

Before signing up, please bear in mind the following important points:

  • Although this is a Beta, you will still have to buy the game in order to participate. The price varies by territory, but is £3.99 in the UK, $4.99 in the US and €4.99 in Europe. When the game releases properly you’ll have full access to the final version.
  • You may experience problems with the game, both small and large. You need to be prepared to let us know in detail what’s gone wrong, and check that we’ve fixed it when we release updates.
  • In cases where there’s a problem that we can’t solve, you’ll get a refund on your purchase.
  • You need to make sure that your device has at least 1GB of RAM. Most devices from the last couple of years do, but older ones may not. If you’re not sure, is a good place to check. Type the name of your device into the search box to find its page, then look for the “Internal” line in the “Memory” section. RAM us usually listed at the end of that line. E.g. it’ll say something like “16 GB, 2 GB RAM” – it’s the 2nd number that’s important.
  • Unfortunately we’ve had to disqualify the Asus ZenFone 2 for now, since a serious bug was reported that we’re still looking into. Please don’t sign up if you have that device.
  • If you try to register and find that there’s no space, please don’t mail us! We’ll be very busy while the beta is in progress tracking down bugs and releasing updates, so your email will be ignored. If things go well, we’ll expand the test throughout the week to let more people in.


If you’ve read all that and are happy to participate, please click here to get started! (it’s best to do this from the device you want to test the game on).

If you have any problems with the game (crashes, graphical errors, poor frame-rate, etc), please check our Android Help page first to check if it’s already been reported. If it hasn’t, mail us at, including a description of the problem, and the type of the device you’re using (e.g. Samsung S6).