1. Grads in Games Partnership!

    We've partnered with Grads in Games for 2021/2022 and we're especially looking forward to sharing our knowledge & experience with the next generation of game devs! You can read more about it here.

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  2. GET 50% OFF PSVR

    Got PSVR? Get a massive 50% off The Room VR: A Dark Matter & discover a puzzle adventure full of mystery, intrigue & a sprinkling of spooky! Buy now from the PlayStation Store!

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  3. Work with us!

    Fireproof Games are best known for the critically acclaimed game series The Room, and we’re beginning production of a brand new PC/console IP. To realise our ambition we need to grow our team and have a variety of job vacancies, take a look here

    Our philosophy is that by working smartly and hiring the best candidates, we can deliver games that delight our audience while avoiding the stress and long hours that are common at other companies. You can find out more about our collaborative approach on our new page all about working at Fireproof.

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     Get a whopping 55% off The Room VR: A Dark Matter from the PlayStation Store and enter a new dimension of puzzle adventure!

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  5. Work at Fireproof!

    We’re looking for an experienced animator to build and run a small animation team, so if that sounds like you, then check out the job listing for more info & how to apply.

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