We’re excited to announce that The Room Three is OUT NOW Steam! We’ve spent many months re-building, re-texturing & re-lighting every intricate device and atmospheric location in The Room Three: PC Edition in a full graphical overhaul, take a look at the visual upgrade video here or use the screenshot comparison tool here.

In other news we recently teamed up with Team 17 and released The Room on Nintendo Switch, our debut title on console with TWO ways to play!


It’s available to download now from the Nintendo eShop, check out the trailer.

‘The Room: Old Sins’ is the 4th entry in the critically acclaimed game series and available on iOS from the App Store and on Android from Google Play & Amazon.

If you’re interested in how we made our latest game then you’re in luck, we’ve just put the finishing touches to The Making of The Room: Old Sins, so take a peek behind the scenes, our creative process and the thinking behind the puzzles and visual design.

We’re a team of 18 based in Guildford, UK and since 2012 we’ve been creating our own games, beginning with the multi-award winning iOS, Android & PC game “The Room”, followed by the critically acclaimed iOS,  Android & PC title “The Room Two” and  “The Room Three” for iOS & Android. Our Virtual Reality Jetpack game “Omega Agent” is available for  HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Samsung Gear VR.


Following many requests, you can now buy T-shirts, mugs and phone cases from Design by Humans and get them shipped internationally. Take a look here. We’ve updated the Press Kit for The Room:Old Sins which contains hi-resolution logos, artwork and screenshots.



If you’re getting stuck or encountered a problem with The Room Three then you might want to take a peek at these links (Beware for potential spoilers):

 icon_HELP_Apple icon_HELP_Android icon_HELP_PG icon_HELP_YT

Explore our website for more info about us and all our previous games and don’t forget to check out our Downloads page where you’ll find shiny new wallpapers for your devices featuring artwork from all our games, ALL-NEW papercraft objects from The Room Three for you to build, the theme music from The Room & Omega Agent, and a Press Kit for each of our games containing logos, artwork & screenshots.

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