We get a lot of requests to make The Room Three for PC and really appreciate the enthusiasm for getting it out on Steam. We put a lot of work into getting the first two games up to PC-quality, so it’s great to see that people enjoyed them and are keen for more!

As such we feel obliged to update you that a PC version of The Room Three is not in active development at the moment, however we do hope to get started on this in 2018. We’re very busy putting the final touches to The Room: Old Sins right now, as we entirely rebuild & remake our games to be fit for PC, this requires a lot more time & effort than typical ports. So we’re not likely to have anything until the middle of next year at the earliest.

We know it’s not the most exciting news to pass on, but be sure Room Three PC is not forgotten. When we get the project moving, we’ll update you all with more information.

Thanks again for all the messages (we do read them all, eventually!) & support.

Best wishes,
Everyone at Fireproof Games.