1. Sales Infographic for The Room & The Room Two

    We thought we'd share up this infographic displaying some facts and figures about our experience with developing and selling The Room & The Room Two.

    There might be some surprising facts in there, such at The Room was developed by only 4 people over 8 months, or that we got through an impressive amount of beer and biscuits while toiling away on The Room Two! Anyway, if you're wondering exactly how many copies of our games we've sold then look no further. Click here view the infographic in all its glory!

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  2. The Making of The Room

    While we're busy making The Room Two we thought you'd enjoy looking at some behind-the-scenes images from when we made The Room. Check out The Making of The Room on our Flickr page here .We hope you enjoy the slideshow, and be sure to visit the site again soon, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the release dates of the sequel.

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