1. The Room Two Finalist at Unity Awards 2014

    We're very happy to announce that The Room Two has been selected as a finalist for the 2014 Unity Awards! Awards winners will be officially announced at a ceremony taking place on Thursday August 21, 2014 during the Unite 2014 conference in Seattle.

    The Room Two has been selected as a finalist in the Best 3D Visual Experience category and is also up for vote in the Community Choice award comprised of every finalist from every other category.

    You can see The Room Two and the rest of category finalists as well as vote for The Room Two by clicking here.

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  2. The Room Out Now on Steam for Windows

    Hello there, it’s been some time since our last post and we’ve been very busy! While most of Fireproof are busy creating our next game we’ve had a very small team here working on bringing The Room to Windows, where you can play either using a mouse or the original touch controls if your PC has a touch-screen. Click here to watch the trailer.

    This fully-enhanced HD version has been many months in the making and has involved recreating almost every asset in the game from the ground up. Click here to view the screenshots and take a look at our side-by-side comparison video showcasing some of the visual improvements by clicking here.

    To those of you who have been asking about any news on the next game in The Room series, all we can say is stay tuned… ;)

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  3. "Mobile Is Burning" Article on Polygon

    How free-to-play binds the hands of devs who want to help

    Video game website Polygon asked Fireproof's Commercial Director Barry Meade to write an 'opinion piece' on our experience making games on mobile platforms and why we decided to sell our games at a fixed 'premium' price rather than following a free-to-play or in-app-purchase model.

    Barry's piece has caused a few ripples throughout the industry, and is well worth a read if you have an interest in the current state of mobile gaming and its possible future. You can read it by clicking here.

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  4. The Making of The Room Two

    Now The Room Two has been released on iOS, Android & Amazon Kindle HD we thought you'd enjoy looking at some behind-the-scenes images from when we made The Room Two. We hope you enjoy this making of, be sure to visit the site again soon, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with news of our next game.

    Click here to view the Flickr Page.

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  5. Sales Infographic for The Room & The Room Two

    We thought we'd share up this infographic displaying some facts and figures about our experience with developing and selling The Room & The Room Two.

    There might be some surprising facts in there, such at The Room was developed by only 4 people over 8 months, or that we got through an impressive amount of beer and biscuits while toiling away on The Room Two! Anyway, if you're wondering exactly how many copies of our games we've sold then look no further. Click here view the infographic in all its glory!

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