1. Today_tab_01

    Puzzle Box DIY

    There's a cool story on the App Store Today tab about a fan of The Room games who built his own puzzle box, well worth a read!

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  2. Old_Sins

    The Room: Old Sins


    Back in February of this year we announced that we hoped to release The Room: Old Sins in ‘Late 2017’. And now here we are in October, with the end of the year rapidly approaching and lots of gameplay tweaking and graphics polishing still to do, we’ve made the difficult decision to delay the release until January.

    While it’s never a popular choice, we feel that it’s the best decision to spend more time refining the game to ensure it fulfils our vision for The Room series and lives up to the high expectations of our players.

    So the new release date for The Room: Old Sins on iPad & iPhone (iOS 10 and above) is January 25th 2018, followed by the Android release shortly afterwards. We can’t wait for you to play this latest entry in The Room series and hear what you think!

    We’ll be revealing more about The Room: Old Sins over the next few months before release and to get you started here is a gif from the beginning of the game…more will be unveiled soon!attic-lightning

    Thank you for your support and stay tuned for future updates.

    Fireproof Games

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  3. Tarot_cards_download

    Download & Print The Tarot Cards from The Room Series

    We've had lots of requests over the years for a set of the Tarot cards from The Room games and we're pleased to say they are now available from the 'Papercraft & Posters' section on our Downloads page! These Tarot cards feature heavily in the Séance chapter as well as on each 'Chapter Complete' screen of The Room Two. We created a few new ones for The Room Three where the player was invited to 'Change Your Fate' and see alternate endings of the game. The Halloween card was created as promotional artwork for The Room Two on social media, but never used in any of our games. For best results print on A4 matte photo paper and use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut them out. For personal use only, not for resale.

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  4. Summer_sale_2017

    PC & iOS Summer Sale!

    It's Summer☀️ Sale time again, with up to 50% off The Room Two & The Room Three on iOS and up to 75% off The Room & The Room Two on PC !

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  5. Tshirts_DBH

    Merchandise now available WORLDWIDE!

    Following many requests, you can now buy T-shirts, mugs and phone cases from Design by Humans and get them shipped internationally. Take a look here.

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