1. Tarot_cards_download

    Download & Print The Tarot Cards from The Room Series

    We've had lots of requests over the years for a set of the Tarot cards from The Room games and we're pleased to say they are now available from the 'Papercraft & Posters' section on our Downloads page! These Tarot cards feature heavily in the Séance chapter as well as on each 'Chapter Complete' screen of The Room Two. We created a few new ones for The Room Three where the player was invited to 'Change Your Fate' and see alternate endings of the game. The Halloween card was created as promotional artwork for The Room Two on social media, but never used in any of our games. For best results print on A4 matte photo paper and use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut them out. For personal use only, not for resale.

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  2. Summer_sale_2017

    PC & iOS Summer Sale!

    It's Summer☀️ Sale time again, with up to 50% off The Room Two & The Room Three on iOS and up to 75% off The Room & The Room Two on PC !

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  3. Tshirts_DBH

    Merchandise now available WORLDWIDE!

    Following many requests, you can now buy T-shirts, mugs and phone cases from Design by Humans and get them shipped internationally. Take a look here.

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  4. Edge_studio_profile

    Studio Profile in EDGE #305

    EDGE magazine came to see us recently and featured Fireproof Games in the Studio Profile. If you're interested in the origins of Fireproof and want to gain some insight into what we get up to then pick up a copy from your local newsagent or alternatively you can order the issue (with international free shipping!) from this link.



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  5. RezzedReport

    REZZED Report

    Well that’s EGX Rezzed over for another year and what a show!

    Over 3 days at London's Tobacco Dock, hundreds of people flocked to our stand to play The Room: Old Sins and have chat with us - it was amazing to meet so many fans of the game and extremely encouraging to hear so much positive feedback , definitely our best show yet :)



    If you want a sneak peek at some gameplay footage of The Room: Old Sins, then the chaps from @TheGameShowUK were at Rezzed and made this video (WARNING: contains mild spoilers) and also Armik from @GSWhores interviewed Fireproof Games’s very own Barry Meade and had a good chat about the game. (WARNING: contains mild spoilers).

    We’ve got lots to be getting on with now, so we might seem a bit quiet for a few months while we get stuck into further development of The Room: Old Sins, but rest assured we’ll be posting some more info at some point in the future.

    Thanks for reading,

    Fireproof Games

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