1. We have a new website!

    Hello there and welcome to Fireproof’s all-new website! If you’re a fan of our games, a member of the press or just a curious gamer, we hope you find this place a great source of information. If not, or if you have any suggestions in how we could improve the site, please let us know.

    Information about all our games can be found here, and further goodies can be gleaned from our Downloads page. There you'll find shiny new wallpapers for your devices featuring artwork from all our games, the theme music from The Room & Omega Agent, and a Press Kit for each of our games containing logos, artwork & screenshots.

    To keep up-to-date with all things Fireproof please follow us on Twitter and like the hell out of us on Facebook.

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  2. Discover VR with Omega Agent!

    Prepare your Jetpack for takeoff and check out the trailer for our new VR game 'Omega Agent' right here. Omega Agent will be available for download on Samsung S6 Gear VR on launch day.

    Omega Agent is our brand new VR-only game. Set on a remote island training facility for cold-war super-spies, Omega Agent sees the player strap on a prototype nuclear-powered jetpack and blast around an open world city filled with daring missions and breath-taking events in an attempt to graduate as the ultimate elite spy, the ‘Omega Agent’.

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  3. Progress on The Room Three

    We're not the most punctual bunch here at Fireproof Games, and as you've probably guessed, we're not going to be releasing The Room Three this spring.

    Development is taking a bit longer due to an expanded scope and ensuring that we release a game as polished as you've come to expect. So we're now aiming to release The Room Three sometime this summer, the moment we have a firm date we'll post it right here.

    In the meantime we hope you enjoy some new screenshots over on our Flickr page by clicking here.

    Thanks for your patience!

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  4. Step into The Room in VR

    Last year Valve whisked us away for a sneak peek at the VR tech they were developing with HTC. We were blown away by their innovation and vision and had an open invite to create something for the announcement of the Vive at GDC.

    Despite trying to final two games we had a cool idea which we thought people would like to experience; so we went about making it.

    The end result transports you to The Room: Archive. A secret vault showcasing some of the mysterious artefacts and atmospheric locations from the award winning The Room series. You are free to walk around its arcane exhibits; approach one and the walls of the museum fade away to become the setting of that exhibit, a breath-taking experience only possible in room-scale VR.

    For those lucky enough to have a go on the Vive at GDC or Rezzed we hope you enjoy Fireproof’s contribution.

    Click here to view some screenshots of The Room: Archive

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  5. The Room Three is waiting...

    It's GDC time again and if you're in San Francisco then be sure to pay a visit to the Unity Expo booth in South Hall #1402 where you can play The Room Three.

    If San Francisco is a bit out of your way then pop along to the EGX Rezzed event running from 12th-14th March at Tobacco Dock in London. We have our very own Fireproof Games stand where we're showing an updated chapter from The Room Three which we initially showed at EGX last September as well as an all-new chapter which is sure to satisfy that puzzling itch and get the brain cells working, so come over and say hello!

    For more details about Rezzed including tickets and directions please click here.

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